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Relive the memories…of a lifetime...for a lifetime...

Amrita B Nair is a candid wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Bangalore. Photography is not merely her profession but her lifelong passion! Her photography assignments have taken her to various parts of the country.

She is creative and not only captures the magic of your wedding day, but also infuses it with magic of her own. Her natural love and empathy for people creates powerful visual story telling. With the rare and innate ability to make her muse look and feel beautiful in front of her camera, she ensures that a beautiful picture fairy-tale is preserved, long after the moments are gone.

"There are two things I’ve always known about myself. I’m a people watcher and I pay great attention to detail. As a candid photographer, these facets of my lively personality allow me to capture moments of real emotion with ease. Through my lens, I capture the rich colours and traditions of Indian weddings. It's these moments filled with emotions, coupled with still life elements that I use to tell a story.

I'd like to leave you a beautiful account of your day, while you are relaxed and yourself. With me as your Candid Photographer, you can be sure of the finest moments caught on camera. So the smile stays as magical and the portrayal of emotion as candid... all for a lifetime."